What is your NYC Missions Story?

This NYC Missions Story documentary project will give everyone a creative platform together to educate viewers concerning the history of NYC missions and illustrate how these efforts helped shape city ministry work today. It will shine a light on the spectrum of both the greater NYC vision and effective grassroots ground strategies, while sharing many of the extraordinary, untold stories of transformed lives as a result.

Production For Your Organization

Of course, this is an invitation to participate at no production cost to anyone. It’s part of our media ministry.


And yet, there are additional opportunities available where you can partner with us and sow financially into this New York City Missions Story at levels that will give you powerful video presentations in return.


These are promotional or educational videos we can produce from footage shot while capturing your stories – videos that you can use now to further your own ministries and movements.  And this is exactly what Building a Difference is ultimately here to do – to use all of our God-given talents and resources to help individuals and organizations build a difference in the lives of people in desperate need.

Production Headquarters

We have expanded our production facilities from Florida and are creating a production war room located at Nyack College in Lower Manhattan.


This will be a valuable resource for NYC organizations as we move forward with the NYC Missions Story production!

We are here to help you tell your story and are committed to the highest media ministry production excellence. Thank you for considering partnering with us in the extraordinary opportunity God has laid before us all, and we look forward to shining a light on what He is doing through all of you in this great city.”

- Mick Richards, Producer/Director, Building a Difference

Samples of Partnership Media Production

These are examples of presentations created from footage shot for partnering organizations

Jesus Week NYC

Hope Day

Jesus Week :30 Promo

Divided Lines

Saturate NYC

Urban Hope NYC

Learn about PARTNERSHIP opportunities with us and the NYC Missions Story. Contact us for more info!