About Building a Difference

Media Ministry and Documentary Series

Building a Difference…


is a media ministry – and a documentary series – exploring the heart of missions on the local, national and global stage.


From the very beginning, our call has been to shine a light on remarkable works of charity, and the organizations behind them, creating volumes of extraordinary, untold stories of how God is using His people to bring innovative solutions and spiritual transformation into some of the most challenging places in the world.


The goal is to share these powerful illustrations as life-changing catalysts educating and inspiring viewers to discover the movements of compassion they are destined for.

Connecting People to Movements of Compassion…


is not only our passion, it’s our mission.  In fact, we felt it was important to take many of the concepts presented in this series and put it to a test.


We took a special family featured in Volume 1 along with the spirit of community outreach, the deeper spiritual significance of meeting the needs of the suffering in Volume 2,  added the process of radical character change we discovered in Volume 3…


…and put them to a road test – in something we call the Movements of Compassion Tour. Watch our video to see more!

Media Missionaries…


Building a Difference is a group of creative media missionaries and artists who work together creating a spectrum of inspirational productions and powerful documentaries. We are driven by a sincere passion and commitment to use our talents for excellence in ministry. When we were given the unexpected opportunity to transform our local TV show into a worldwide media ministry, we jumped on the opportunity.


At the time, all we knew was that we had a clear call and wanted to be faithful wherever it would take us, and so Building a Difference was launched. It has now grown into something much greater than we could have ever orchestrated on our own. Our mandate is clear – to unveil stories of hope, ignite hearts, and provide fresh, exciting opportunities to join in the Great Commission like never before.


We are here to help you tell your organization’s story and are committed to the highest media ministry production excellence we can offer. Thank you for considering partnering with us in the extraordinary NYC Missions Story opportunity God has laid before us all, and we look forward to shining a light on what He is doing through all of you in this great city.”


– Mick Richards, Media Missionary, Producer/Director, Building a Difference


Contact: mrichards@deeplight.tv

About Mick Richards

Media Missionary, Producer/Director, Building a Difference

With more than 20 years in the documentary/television industry, Mick Richards has established himself as a gifted artist combining his talents as producer, director, writer, videographer, editor and composer. 


His talents and achievements are being established as powerful assets for ministries and charities in communicating the heart of what God is doing through His people in the world.

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